DOA Policy

We cover all DOA merchandise including UPS delays. If UPS is delayed, and your items do not deliver until the next day, and they are DOA, we cover all losses. In the event of DOA, we require that you provide us with clear pictures under daylight (not actinic) within 12 hours of the delivery time.

We do not offer any returns or refunds to non doa. Our goal is 100% satisfaction to please; don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems.

Shipping & How We Package Coral

  • Please allow 24-68 hours for processing your order.

  • A tracking number will be generated and sent to the email when your order ships on the day you selected in checkout

  • We ship with UPS Next Day Air shipping. Our shipping is flat rate and is $34.99. We offer free shipping for orders of $350+ . Please note during our sales shipping can be a different rate and our free shipping can be higher. All our corals are shipped with thick insulated Uline polystyrene boxes. When the weather is 65°F or below, items ship with a heat pack or sometimes 2 depending on how cold it is. When the temperature is 80°F or above, corals are shipped with ice packs.

  • Shipping days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you prefer a specific shipping date please let us know. We do not ship Fridays

We start by using a specimen cup or a bag depending on the size and what type of coral was bought, Acans any branching SPS etc will go in cups  

Then for coral going cups we take the coral and a piece of polyethylene foam and rap a rubber band around the coral and the foam to secure it in place if its on a plug then we cut a hole in the center of the foam then push the frag into the hole and that holds it in snug.    

For packaging in bags we use a portion cup with a hole in the bottom or if the coral is on a disc we will rubber band them to a piece of foam

Once the coral is strapped in we then take the coral and push it into the specimen cup upside down 

The end product will look like this where the coral is suspended and not able to touch anything during shipping. 

For bags we will fill the bag up with tank water and spin it around then tie it with rubber band and then repeat the process to triple bag it, this is in case the coral skeleton pokes a hole in the first bag. If the coral is a torch or some times hammers we will put them in the bags with a foam piece like the cups and that will keep them from rubbing against the bag

Once all the coral are packaged they are ready to go into the box, we use uline boxes which have 1" to  1 1/2" of polystyrene foam. 

Then once all coral are placed in the box we will pack it in with filler to hold everything in place so nothing gets knocked on its side, after that we will decide if it needs a heat pack or a ice pack depending on the temp then add the invoice and tape up both the foam box and the cardboard box and ship it your way.