About Us

Starting in 2013 I began working with my family with saltwater fish and corals as a hobby. At the time, I was dealing with cancer (ALL Leukemia) that kept me confined to the house most of the time. With the help of my parents who have a degree in Biological Life Sciences and some studies in Marine Biology, I was able to learn the ecosystem of reef aquariums and gained a wealth of knowledge. This wealth of knowledge has helped me grow my passion.
We also lived on the coast and had access to other individuals and stores that were in the industry for years and worked with me and my family learning our hobby. What started as one tank of fish and coral led into other tanks throughout our house. My passion became more focused on corals and all the different types, care, and array of colors. This slowly led to me having my own tank which grew out and enabled me to create a small frag tank.
Over the years that hobby has transformed into a business where I utilize a few lagoon tanks and a couple larger tanks. These tanks along with a few other tanks that house my softies, Copepods, Phytoplankton, and Macro algae (Chaeto and Dragon’s Breath) for ongoing growth allow me to offer a wide variety of products at competitive pricing.
Having 10 years in the coral reefing industry has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge and has allowed me go continue to grow and expand into a large aquaculture facility. My goals are to continue to share my love and passion for growing corals and to provide quality care to my customers.
I raise my corals in a controlled environment and monitor them daily with a Neptune system to keep their health, coloration, and growth at optimum levels. I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have about the care of your purchase or any questions in general. I look forward to hearing from you after you see the difference that Aquagemcorals can provide.


Caleb – Owner